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Slaying You Goliaths

November 1, 2016.Body, Soul and Spirit.#Hope

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has a Goliath to slay.  The giant in our lives may be the circumstances of our birth or the culture of our community.  The giants of our lives may be our own inner demons, or the voices in our heads that seek to control our emotions, perpetuate our fears and keep us […]

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Every Body is Somebody’s Baby

June 6, 2016.Inspired Thoughts.#Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a day to honor, and to grieve; a day to reflect on the cost of preserving freedom. I am the proud Mom of a once deployed US service member.  My solider served in a combat zone at just shy of 20 years of age. Consequently, Memorial Day has never been the same. I […]

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Sobbing she asked, “Do you have a minute?”

April 26, 2016.Conversations

I recognized the voice between the sobs as that of Cathy’s.  She was a young  vibrant woman, in love with her husband, her family and her Lord.  I always have time for Cathy. Today was no exception. “Of course,” I replied. Cathy began pouring out her heart.  She had received devastating news from her doctor.  She was […]

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