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Entering the Darkness of Betrayal

April 26, 2016.Dark Soul.#Betrayal

I loved my weekly trip to the state capitol.  Although only a college intern, the delegate I worked for gave me opportunities to be a part of the political inner-sanctum where policy deals and political threats unfolded before me.  It was an experience and an education like nothing I encountered as a politically involved citizen.  It was exciting […]

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Sobbing she asked, “Do you have a minute?”

April 26, 2016.Conversations

I recognized the voice between the sobs as that of Cathy’s.  She was a young  vibrant woman, in love with her husband, her family and her Lord.  I always have time for Cathy. Today was no exception. “Of course,” I replied. Cathy began pouring out her heart.  She had received devastating news from her doctor.  She was […]

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