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Slaying You Goliaths

November 1, 2016.Body, Soul and Spirit.#Hope

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has a Goliath to slay.  The giant in our lives may be the circumstances of our birth or the culture of our community.  The giants of our lives may be our own inner demons, or the voices in our heads that seek to control our emotions, perpetuate our fears and keep us […]

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Escape from King Accuser’s Palace

May 26, 2016.Body, Soul and Spirit.#Fear

Rejection, fear, hurt, anger A menace in varying disguises; Separation, division, turmoil, confusion The fruits of this king’s reign. Darkness which eats away at life, Gold which turns to brass; Glimmering, shimmering lights of promise In a palace of lies. Once I lived in King Accuser’s palace  Yes, once I dwelt there in, Protected by […]

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