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Meet Stephanie Arje


Stephanie Arje is best known for her passion to seek “truth” and her courage to live the truth no matter the cost. She has worn many hats including that of counselor, activist, lobbyist, writer, teacher, wife, mother and motivational speaker.

After high school Stephanie began her college studies with the goal of becoming  a K-8 teacher in the public schools.  Her education was interrupted by a series of heart breaking events that changed the entire course of her life.

Finding truth and purpose for living became her only passion.  It was a journey that would lead her from the Greenwich Village to Washington D.C. protesting the war in Viet Nam, and on to Europe in a theater company. But her hunger for truth was not satisfied.  Thus she entered into the world of  mysticism, promiscuity and drugs.

Stephanie’s search ended when she encountered the greatest power of all, Jesus.  Her mission then became a search for “real” Christians. With 11 others she boarded a school bus (outfitted as a home) and set out on another journey this time across the midwest United States, into Canada and back again.  Finally  landing  in Houston, Texas at the Church of the Redeemer where she “grew up”.

Today,  Stephanie’s gift for teaching and her desire to see hearts mended has crossed generations touching the lives of children, youth, and adults. Her passion for children and national security concerns has taken her into  the political process  giving  her opportunities to work with both state and national leaders.

Whether speaking to a small group, a civic organization or a religious organization, Stephanie is known for her ability to engage the audience with her passion, her facts and her storytelling abilities. An overcomer of great adversity, Stephanie speaks  with wisdom and mercy to issues of the heart;  her experience working in the political world equips her to speak to issues of the church and the nation.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.  She is also a Toastmaster Competent Communicator

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