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Daily Archives: April 26, 2016

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Entering the Darkness of Betrayal

April 26, 2016.Dark Soul.#Betrayal

I loved my weekly trip to the state capitol.  Although only a college intern, the delegate I worked for gave me opportunities to be a part of the political inner-sanctum where policy deals and political threats unfolded before me.  It was an experience and an education like nothing I encountered as a politically involved citizen.  It was exciting […]

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The details were exactly what she needed...

April 26, 2016.Conversations.#Betrayal

She came into the room, uptight and nervous.  Her mission was to spend time with her dear friend, Holly, whom she had not seen in  many years.  I was tired and content to let them go off into another room to visit. “Stephanie, can you come here a minute?”  I heard Holly ask.  “Sure,” I […]

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In that you have done it to My Little Ones…

April 26, 2016.Observation of a Watchman.#Children

It occurred to me today as I read, “In that you have done it to the least of my little ones, you have done it to Me” that we might not have it all together as to who are the least of His in the kingdom. “What?” you may ask, “isn’t it obvious who He […]

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